"El este un sfert norvegian și un sfert danez și o jumătate grec."

Translation:He is a quarter Norwegian and a quarter Danish and a half Greek.

July 8, 2017

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Wow! What a combination!


In English we would be much more likely replace the "and" after Norwegian with a comma - using more than one "and" in a list is not good practice. Is it the same in Romanian?


Yes, same here.


I have 15% British and 30% Romanian and 40% syrian and 5% lebanon and 5% Italian and 5% Moldovan


Romanian and Moldavian are the same.


în acest caz el este în mod evident american.


Imagine how hard it was to sew all the pieces together!


Interested in views on this of other native English speakers... "He is a quarter Norwegian and a quarter Dane and a half Greek" also "feels" right to me. He's half Pole, Half Romanian would also "feel" right, while accepting that half Polish, half Romanian would be correct too of course.


I would not say "a half Greek," but a "a quarter..." is okay.


Do you really say "a quarter Norwegian and a half Greek" in English? Shouldn't "quarter Norwegian and half Greek" be accepted as well?


Quarter is usually preceded by a numerical value, whereas half is usually just one half, so the number is not required unless it is ecceptionally several halves.


You have got to be kidding me...


I'm sure I've seen other Romanian sentences on Duolingo where a "comma" is used in place of the first "and" meaning, this should be:

"He is a quarter Norwegian, a quarter Danish and a half Greek"

This translation is what we'd say in English, and is what I thought would be said in Romanian.

Further, the Romanian should be:

"El este un sfert norvegian, un sfert danez și o jumătate grec."

Am I understanding this correctly? Has Duolingo made yet another mistake?


Duo accepted 'He is a quarter Norwegian, a quarter Danish and half Greek.' This is more natural than the given teanslation and incorporates two concerns brought up elsewhere in the discussion.


Is a mistake to translate dutch like olandez!?


I put "one-fourth..., one-fourth...., and one-half....", and it was marked wrong.


Both in Romanian and English, the "one fourth" thing ("o pătrime", from patru) is used in Mathematics to read 1/4 or in Music to read the note duration, however in constructs like this one, quarter/sfert is used. Btw, speaking of Maths and Music, why didn't you also use "o doime" instead of "jumătate"? :o)


I think that one fourth should also approved, My dictionary lists both. Ithink that twenty five per cent could also be a correct answer

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