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Marqué sur mon front

Hi guys, While reading a French novel I came across the phrase << Y a pas marqué sur mon front> literally 'there was not a mark on my forehead'. Given the context, I think it means something along the lines of 'I was not surprised', but I wondered if anyone could shed some light on it? Thanks in advance.

July 8, 2017



Usually the saying is "il y a pas marqué xxx sur mon front" or "il y a pas écrit xxx sur mon front", which would translate literally to "there isn't written xxx on my forehead". xxx being something that you don't want to represent.

Il y a pas marqué pigeon sur mon front = I'm not that gullible (because a pigeon is supposed to be stupid I guess)

Il y a pas marqué La Poste sur mon front = I'm not here to do every little thing for you (La Poste is the national posting company in France, it maybe derived for an old commercial too)

You could also say "c'est pas marqué sur ton front".

Sarah: Tu n'aurais pas du lui dire ça, il vient de la larguer.
Florent: Comment est-ce que je pouvais savoir, c'est pas marqué sur son front.

Sarah: You shouldn't have told her that, he just dumped her.
Florent: How could I know, it's not obvious. ["It's not written all over her face" is also used in English I reckon.]


I would say that means "don't consider me as a fool", "I am not a naive"...

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