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Why does the iOS app have to be so different and weird? Arghhhhh.

So I've been using Duolingo on Android/PC for a while now. I just got an iPhone and... wow, I REALLY don't like the app on iOS.

First of all... why can't you access discussion posts in the app? You can on Android; it makes no sense and totally devalues the learning experience. This is by far the thing I hate the most.

Although the gems/health system isn't my favorite, I get that money has to be made somehow. But why on earth would you only have them on iOS? The inconsistency of features and having 2 different currencies and things to buy when going from iPhone to PC is maddening.

And finally, why is changing settings so convoluted? Having to go to Clubs>Settings isn't intuitive or convenient at all, those things should be front and center.

No hate at all for the Duolingo team, but apparently this stuff has been bugging people for years and I really hope the iOS experience gets brought in line with the other platforms.

July 8, 2017



I prefer ios to the website and have for the four years that I've used it. I was delighted when they dropped the heart system the first time-can't wait for its second demise. This, after all, is a massive field test to let folks run algorithms and crunch the results. we are the subjects. it may be that the multiple platforms are programmed differently to test the effects in learners. duolingo runs A/B tests constantly to assess how usage changes. Sorry you don't like ios. I hope the assimilation process is not too painful. I think the swedish course is unique enough to be worth the hassles are you aware of the swedish tv show Anno 1790? guess when it's set? swedish former army surgeon detective. also the original Wallander best of luck.


I prefer ios to the website

Yours is certainly a minority view among forum posters. I'm always interested in divergent perspectives. Could you explain how / why a little?


this is the reason why i will never get an iphone, a lot of things get changed for the worse

[deactivated user]

    Because iOS seems to be Duolingo's main testing platform.


    But Duolingo favors iOS you see... quoth the forum conventional wisdom...

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