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How long will it really take?

How long does it actually take for an English speaker to learn French to a level where they can watch Youtube videos without subtitles? I feel like I am going nowhere, I don't expect myself to be anywhere close to understanding a whole video but I can just do basic things (ex; introducing myself, asking for items, food, etc.) Any tips to learn French better?

July 8, 2017



Oh please don't give up. This is your brain rebelling. It can seem like it takes forever, but keep going. My suggestions may not help, but here goes: I went to the library and checked out kids' books in French, and some language books with CD's. Also, checked out alot of French-language movies, especially comedies. I get to talk to native speakers at work: there are a couple of people from French-speaking countries at work, and they are willing to answer my questions.
Oh, and the problem with some movies subtitled to English: they are translated sometimes from Canadian French/Quebecois, and that sounds different and has some different words. Read the small print. Best wishes again. A bientot, voici un lingot!


Merci, merci aussi pour le lingot!


You are there now. STOP watching youtube with subtitles. you are asking your eyes and ears to send competing messages to the brain, in this relationship your eyes are dominant . the english they take in will overide the french and nothing will get accomplished. let your brain have its very own 'french' section. find videos that come in both languages. google 'insert name of show' version français or vf watch the english, then the french. repeat until comprehension begins. a phrase, a verb. consult english language version as needed. make it something you like to watch repetively. many Dvd and blurays in the US come with french soudtracks for the eastern Canadians. dailymotion is another video app where I have found german and Russian italian and french dubbed english tv shows. if you like history- 'au cœur de l'histoire' from francetv on youtube. jump in, let go of the tether, be confused. you'll dream in french as your mind sorts it all out. it may be hard, tomorrow it's likely to be less hard, and so on.. best of luck


I will keep that in mind. Merci beaucoup, tu es tres gentile!


Read and listen to stories, listen to music, try to find a native near you like a classmate if you have one, if you have an apple device change Siri to French, and most importantly, get a book of French. Write anything in it. In mine, I write new words, I use the new words in sentences, I write short random passages, I'm currently writing a book. Oh and sometimes I write things I want to remember like the conjugations of verbs in past and future. Bonne chance, bonne courage, bonne journée,et au revoir :)


Thank you. I am planning to get a notebook soon.


Maybe try: http://www.thefrenchexperiment.com/stories & https://www.memrise.com

Memrise is comparable to duolingo, but my experience with memrise is that it makes it easier to remember & starts with more useful lessons, although it does not teach anything about french grammar.



I have tried Memrise, I think it's not suitable to learn a language from scratch unlike Duolingo. I would recommend it to someone who has some basics, like someone who has completed their tree.

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