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Health Shield

In the app version, which rewards in jewels (or some similar word), there is an option to

Equip a health shield for 30 minutes for no health loss.

Cost. 500

What is a health shield and what is no health lost?

Cheers Rhona

July 8, 2017



In the Duolingo Help Center you can read the explanation for:

Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) does not have the "Health" system. The learning methode is much better than in the App ("typing words" instead of "clicking on predefined words")
The web version is also working in the browser of a phone or tablet with rather good Wifi (or 4G/LTE with an internet bundle)


Thank you for both comments - very useful. When I started dulingo there were no explanations and none were required. If I started now, I woulld never be able to guess the rules and might well be put off by the apparent, and possibly real, complexity. I still have plenty of lingots but nothing to spend them on. My owl has both outfits, i don't know which one I like the least but it is not me who has to wear them. I also bought both the the extra subjects (purple discs, not gold).


I feel the same way. To add to it all, it seems as if they have removed the outfits completely.


in working new lessons you can get only five answers wrong before you have 'lost health' and are stopped. wait five hours to resume OR, do review exercises, wherein you can make as many mistakes as you like, and for every finished review, you regain one 'health' bar. or pay 'gems' to 'regain health'. Don't encourage this ridiculousness by paying money, I beg of you. best of luck


is this 30 minutes a day? 30 minutes of making mistakes and not losing health? Just 30 minutes of using duolingo and making mistakes? It take probably 4-5 weeks or so to earn 500 gems. Can anyone explain?

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