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"Are there any cash machines at the airport?"

Translation:В аеропорту є банкомати?

July 8, 2017



why "Чи є в аеропорту будь-які банкомати?" or "Чи є будь-які банкомати в аеропорту?" are wrong?


In this case using будь-які is a bit unnatural. I can elaborate on why if you want :)

However, you are right that "any" can be translated too: "Чи є в аеропорту якісь автомати?" should be accepted! Якісь is like a brother of будь-які that is used in this case.

Thanks for commenting, added якісь to all the options :)

P.S. Які-небудь is also synonymous.


"Летовище" is a synonym for "аеропорт". Please add.


Yes, this is a synonym, but is considered a dialect word. The creators of the course are trying not to overwhelm the learners with a huge amount of synonyms and provide only the most commonly used words.

It is encouraged to comment about it thought! I'm sure it's very interesting for the learners to read other synonyms in the comments that native speakers write to share knowledge with them.


The "nice" thing about this course that it offers a poor Soviet norm of Ukrainian. I am a Native speaker and a published author writing in Ukrainian but I can't overcome the suffer from returning my mindset back to the dead-born Soviet argot. So I can't pass through a lesson. It's insane. I would recommend no one using Duolingo to learn Ukrainian.


I think what they are trying to do is to offer a textbook version of Ukrainian. When one learns English, one starts with the simplest things and narrowest definitions. One learns "How are you? I'm fine" --- nobody ever says "I'm fine" now really :) But it's a standard thing to learn, because you have to start from something. When you're already fluent, you can learn slang, regional words, dialectal words, differences between American, British, Australian and Canadian English and so on.

I would say it's the same here. This course is intended for people who don't know Ukrainian :D If you already know the word летовище, your level is too high for Duolingo :) Or such is the logic here, I guess.


Oh, yes, we do say: I'm fine, how are you?


Could not agree more.


How is the word аеропорт related to the Soviet union?...


Are you kidding me? How does the word "аеропорт" have anything to do with USSR? :)

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