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Activity tab - broken?

When I click on the Activity tab, sometimes it shows activity for the last 20+ hours, sometimes for the last 5 hours, and at other times, only activity for the last hour. Is something wrong? Why does the time change? Or is this normal?

March 25, 2014



Hi Amy-schultz! If you are following other users, it is likely that your activity stream will continuously update due to discussions, comments, or translations that have been done by them. Sometimes, your stream may show activity that happened a longer while ago because the people that you follow have been inactive. If you want to find even older activity than what is shown on the page, scroll downwards and more info should load. Therefore, nothing's wrong, things are continuously updated (so time is too), and yes, it's normal. Hope this helps! :)


Thanks for responding!

Correct. However, I believe I am following plenty of active people. Plus the activity shown can change from the morning to the evening. So Items in my stream that morning from say a few hours before in longer show up even later that evening! When I scroll down to find even older activity, it just won't display anything else. It just stops! :-(


Hi again! Do you mean that the activity shown may go back and forth in the timeline (e.g. #1: One hour ago, #2: 35 minutes ago)? Has this occurred on different browsers before? I suggest you try changing your browser, just to see if you get the same results. I also think you should move this discussion into the Troubleshooting forum through editing your post. Sorry I didn't notice that earlier! :)


Thanks for replying again! No. It doesn't go back and forth in the timeline as you described.

For example, yesterday afternoon, the activity showed only one item - my activity from "3 minutes ago." Even though I had activity earlier in the day (and I'm guessing others did too), it did not show my other activity. It stopped and would not go back farther then 3 minutes ago.

Last night, it showed activity from a few minutes ago to 4 hours ago. It stopped and did not go back farther than 4 hours.

This morning, it showed activity from 27 minutes ago to 5 hours ago. At 5 hours ago, it stops and doesn't show my activity (or anyone else's activity) more than 5 hours ago. And I know I (myself) had activity about 7 hours ago.

There are other times when it will shows activity 12 hours or more back.

I use Safari. I have not switch browsers. I have tried refreshing / reloading or changing we pages and coming back to the Activity page. Doesn't seem to change anything. I wondered if it was only designed to show, for example, activity since midnight Eastern time, or midnight Greenwich time. Or maybe just show the last x number of entires. However, there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to what it shows and what it doesn't. Before I reported it as an "error" in Troubleshooting, I was trying to assess whether it was just me or whether other people had the same problem. Will try to move the thread. Thanks again!

P.S. - I wasn't doing the best job of communicating the problem so I figured I needed to go for the "long" version. :-)


Haha, well, I can't seem to understand why this is occurring, but this link may help.


I'm probably exaggerating the seriousness of this problem, but I suggest you check those tips out. Sometimes, big answers to small problems are really helpful! I still suggest trying another browser, such as Google Chrome, just to see if you get the same results. Once again, I hope this helps! :)

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