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  5. "It is on top of the bed."

"It is on top of the bed."

Translation:È sopra al letto.

March 6, 2013



Well, and why does it recommend me "al letto " here? What is the difference between "al" and "il"?


What's the difference between sopra and su exactly? If any...


"Sopra" could be over, without touching the referral object. But it can touch the object as well.

"Su" usually touches the referral object.

"Le caramelle sono sul tavolo." = "Le caramelle sono sopra al tavolo." (The candies are on the table)

"Il poster è sopra al tavolo." = "The poster is over (?) the table"


Ok, thanks, and does "sopra" have to be followed by "a" or not necessarily (as in their translation "è sopra il letto")?


It's recommendable to use it with A, but it's common practice in spoken language not to do it.


In this case, wouldn't sul be better than sopra? In english "on top of" tends to imply that it is directly on top of the object, touching it. A blanket or pillow is "on top of" a bed, while a light or kid's mobile would just be "above" the bed, because there is space between them and the bed and they do not touch it.


Why is it sopra il letto and not sopra di letto? Is there no preposition here?


Where is the top of the bed?(the given English translation)?


Can it not be È sopra dal letto

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