"I will use my hat."


July 8, 2017



While using the mobile app tappable buttons, I was only able to answer this with a clumsy "ฉันจะใช้หมวกผม".

It feels a little odd to use "ฉัน" initially and then switch to "ผม".

I'm starting to get the impression duolingo automatically generates tappable button sentences like this by randomly selecting personal pronouns from a list.


  • For "I/me", it randomly picks between ผม/ฉัน.
  • For you, คุณ/เธอ
  • For he/she/they, เขา/เค้า/หล่อน/เธอ

Sometimes these random choice create a bit of wierdness. Like when the male-specific ผม gets used in unexpected contexts, such as ผมมีกระโปรง "i have a skirt" (that's not to say I have anything against a guy having a skirt mind you, each to their own! :-)).

Even for verbs like this there's some random choices that duolingo makes for the tappable answers:

  • eat = กิน/ทาน/รับประทาน

I've seen a lot of forum posts complaining about tapping out that overly lengthy รับประทาน, and sometimes it seems too formal and out of place e.g. "ม้ารับประทานขนมปัง" (the horse 'formally' eats bread :-)).

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