"Maji yamechemshwa"

Translation:Water has been boiled

July 8, 2017

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Is anyone else finding that these verbs are totally new? Im used to 1 or 2 new verbs per lesson or category, and I've had like 5 in this lesson alone.


That's right that " maji" belong to 5/6 JI - MA class but in this class " ya" signes the plural form. Maji ( water ) has only one form and looks like - only plural form because of prefix " ma" : ma - ji. Maji ya moto, maji ya safi etc.


one can get crazy with lack of consequence in those answers. The form "me" sometimes in the same part of exercises is translated as "has been" or "is" plus passive form. In fact both are ok but the system does corrections sometimes like that sometimes like that which is quite frustrating. It happens with other forms in this course.


We all share your frustration. Alas. But just report your findings: the contributors have picked up speed again and they have already improved many translations.


Why ya is there instead of a? Why we dont use i?


Maji is a class 6 (Ma) noun. The subject prefix for this class is ya, so that is what is used.


The water has been boiled should also be accepted as a correct translation

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