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Can we sort discussion posts by date?

I've commented on a couple of lesson discussions recently (new comments, not indented replies to other comments), and checked to make sure my posts had appeared. For some reason my comments ended up in the middle of the pages between older posts (months or years old). That's when I noticed that the comment order seems to be completely random - no wonder I've been a bit confused by some conversations. Is there a way to sort it by date? It would be much easier to follow an ongoing discussion, and find the latest update.

July 8, 2017



I believe that they are sorted by the number of upvotes the comment gets. Most upvotes at the top, least at the bottom. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to change the order of comments. : )


Ugh, really? Thanks for the explanation - it makes sense, but it's annoying. It wouldn't have occurred to me to sort an ongoing discussion like these by votes - whenever posts are sorted by popularity (Facebook, YouTube...) I always reorder by date if possible. I hope they add the option on here soon ;-)


I think comments with equal numbers of up (or down) votes are then sorted by date, not that this really addresses the matter at hand, but it probably explains how new comments can end up in the middle: they're at the bottom of the zero-vote group and just above the posts with negative votes.

I share the key complaint: it's also particularly a problem when a good reply shows up nested several levels into the conversation. It then can get upvotes, but it won't move up the page because the orignal comment often doesn't (if you want to do the world a favor, upvote that one to!) A tip I guess would be to scan through the conversation looking at all the upvote totals, in hopes that one might be the answer you're searching for.


Lol, or maybe we should just upvote all of them to equal status, then they'll be in date order ;-). I'm kidding. Yes, you're probably right, scanning for number of votes may be the best solution with long threads for now, although sometimes we vote because someone's expressed the same frustration we're feeling, so upvotes don't always mean helpful - although it's nice to feel understood...


I agree! Sometimes I will get a really snarky answer to something I wrote about 4 years ago and I have to take a deep breath and ignore it rather than make an equally nasty remark (because I am better than that........) It would be better if the dates were on discussions because you eventually get better and understand things ,and most likely something you asked about will have become clear in the 4 years since you asked it and you don't need someone explaining to you that "la" is feminine....Sorry, just a bit of a rant.


I understand the rant ;-). You can unfollow discussions so you stop being notified of replies, but that doesn't help people who're making new comments. As it is now, one might only check the top and bottom comments and see that there doesn't seem to have been any progress, when actually there might be a comment in the middle that answers your question - especially relevant if Duolingo have changed the lesson question/translation since the discussion started. Sorting by date would make it a lot clearer.


Thanks, but that's a different thing. I'm talking about sorting the comments within a single existing discussion, not sorting the list of discussions.


Ah, my mistake. I think it kind of clicked that I was answering a different question than the one you had asked shortly after I had posted my response.


No worries - we all have those POP moments after clicking send/post don't we? Ah well...

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