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Gemination across word boundaries?

Quick question. I suspect I know the answer but I want to make sure.

Since sound length is phonemic (hoshi and hoshii are two different words), if one word ends with a sound and the next word begins with the same sound, are they geminated or pronounced distinctly?

For example: mata aimashou. Is it /mataʔaimaʃoʊ/ or is it /mata:imaʃoʊ/?

July 8, 2017



I think the word you want here for the example you gave is elision, not gemination.

To address your question, however, I would say that you should pronounce each syllable in a Japanese sentence distinctly and evenly.

As a practical matter, yes, gemination and elision do occur in everyday conversation, but not so frequently that you need to worry about it at this level.


You say it the first way. You just say each letter as it is written so またあいましょう is mataaimashou

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