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Tibetan Language Initiative

For all those wanting Tibetan language on Duolingo lets make it happen!

I am done waiting for it to happen so here is how we do it. We need Tibetan speakers to create the program so we have to recruit. There are many organizations advocating for and preserving Tibetan culture. I propose contacting some of them and encouraging them to put their resources towards creating a Duolingo course. Also if you know Tibetan speakers willing to contribute put them in touch with me and lets get the ball rolling.

It would be a great way for them to get the language in front of an avid language learning community of a lot of people who otherwise might not learn or even consider it, ideal for preserving the language.

I would very much like to learn Tibetan for two reasons. First I believe it will supplement my meditation practice and study of Buddhism & life. Second it will help preserve a culture that I feel is remarkably unique and needed in our current world.

Anyone interested in teaming up with me to reach out to some Tibetan organizations? Lets plot the action steps!

July 8, 2017



Anyone wanting a Tibetan course should upvote the relevant post linked to from here:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 (I checked and it is listed)

Anyone who wants to help create a course should apply here:



I admire you for taking this initiative! I hope you get somewhere.


I would love to study Tibetan in duolingo !!!


Thank you Duolingo. I am grateful for your free courses. I have no income presently. Your language courses have helped me heal through this difficult part of my journey.

One day I intend to give back to your Company for this gift of languages.

I look forward to the courses of Sanscript, Aaramaic and Tibetan. Perhaps when you offer them, I will be able to gift some money towards these wonderful courses.

I am so appreciative of your positive owl.

Blessings be


Here is a great channel on youtube for learning Tibetan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOk5M9QQKfjg3-5HFl8sxA Maybe if you reach out to someone on here they can help create a course on Duolingo. I'd love to have a Tibetan class on here !!

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