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Accidentally got japanese duolingo on chrome for a short moment

Hello, not sure how but on chrome on my android device was trying to get to a discussion page, and instead got to homepage of japanese tree (i.e. japanese for english speakers) but with the instructions in dutch (another language I am learning.)

It was cute. I did manage to input japanese answers using google japanese keyboard and strengthen a skill. It worked fine, but the questions were quite repetitive - same 4 or 5 questions repeated until strengthened.

Can't find it again as I just get to the "japanese for english is not ready on web version", I suppose it was a wierd glitch based on what languages I was logged on to on the app at the same time.

Anyway, feels like the web version is maybe coming soon?

Mata ne.

July 8, 2017



That's interesting how you managed to get onto the Japanese course on web without using the html trick. Did you actually see the tree itself though?

I've figured out how to do it the way you said:

  1. Make sure both app and browser are open and logged in on the same Duolingo account.
  2. On the browser, make sure you are on the Home page of any tree in which you've completed at least one skill.
  3. On the app, switch to Japanese from any other course. (If already on Japanese, switch to a different course then switch back to Japanese.)
  4. Finally, back on the browser, click the Practice (or Strengthen Skills) button.

This will do strengthen skills for the Japanese course. And, like you said, the interface language will be whatever your previous course was on. However, once you complete the strengthen skills round and you get your points, it then takes you to the "Japanese is not yet supported on web" page instead of back to the tree homepage. I wasn't able to access the lessons, nor even able to view the tree at all.

I'm not optimistic enough to use the word "soon". The silence on the progress towards getting this course released on web is deafening.

I'm just glad we can still use the html trick. I don't know how I'd've stayed sane without it—having to wait so long past the 18th of May (the estimated completion date of phase 1). The html trick works much better than this one.

But it's still very handy to know we have this other trick to fall back on—to be able to continue doing the Japanese tree on web—if someday the html trick stops working. And also, since the html trick can only really be done on desktop browsers, this one is handy when wanting to use a mobile browser. ^^


How do you do the trick?


The html trick to access the Japanese course on web properly?



It happens also to me. I saw Japanese for English speaker instead of German and I clicked a lesson but I get the "Japanese for English is not ready on web version". What happened?


I tried to do it again (get the tree and then select a particular skill) but cannot work out how I did it. I had been trying to post on a discussion but could not - because kept being redirected to the "Japanese is not ready" page. I have not managed to do it again. So it must have been a combination of changing the language in the app, while clicking on the discussion in chrome.... I dunno sorry.

Hi testmoogle, thanks for the clear instructions - i tried that and it worked on chrome on my phone. Just as you said, it was possible to do a "practice".


This happens to me anytime I switch from my android phone (where I'm doing Japanese) to my computer (where Japanese is ostensibly unavailable) Here's a picture of the "web tree": Alt text

When I try to click on any of the skills, it automatically refreshes and takes me to the "Japanese is not available on the Web" page, from where I have to switch to French to access my Duo account. What I can gather is that while the Japanese tree is not ready for web prime-time, it is viewable if you are logged on to your Japanese instance from your phone.


Hmm. I can do that with the html trick, but I don't know how exactly you managed to do it the way you said.

It can't be quite as straight forward as "anytime", as it doesn't happen everytime for the OP either.

Do you think you could give a brief step-by-step of how to reproduce it?


It generally involves logging into my French instance on my computer, then doing some French exercises, then (being on the tree screen and without logging off the computer instance) start a Japanese instance on my phone. Coming back to my computer after a while, and waking it up after it has gone to sleep, I find that there is a Japanese instance in my computer (as above). Because this is what I do most of the time I'm on Duo, it's happened to me almost like clockwork (the picture above was the 4th time it happened). I suppose it has to do with how often the site refreshes itself? I tried to bring it about by starting both my phone and my computer on the french instance, then switching my phone to Japanese and either soft-refreshing (pressing F5) or hard-refreshing (pressing Ctrl-F5) on the web. Neither works. I will let you know when I have figured out a consistent way to willingly bring it about.

Edit: I think it also has something to do with the fact that, no matter which language you are currently using, your tree page is "www.duolingo.com" and that would make sense, as I left the page looking at a French tree, but coming back to it after using my phone, the page is supposed to show a Japanese tree


I have managed to bring it about again. Here's a picture: Alt text

Here's what I did:

  1. Log into an instance of Duolingo in your computer. I used French, but I have no reason to think it wouldn't work with other languages.

  2. While on the tree screen (at www.duolingo.com) log on to your Japanese instance using your phone. I use an Android, and again I have no reason to believe it would be any different with an iphone.

  3. Do not log off your computer's instance. Instead leave it as is for a while. I'm not entirely sure what the minimum time is, as it didn't work when it first went to sleep, so I left it for a while after that.

  4. When you come back, after waking up your computer, you should see the Japanese tree.

This is only to view the tree, as trying to access any of the skills refreshes the page and takes you to the "Japanese is unavailable on the web" page.


Thanks for explaining it in so much detail. I actually managed to figure everything out from reading just your two previous comments. ^^

It will take a bit of time to explain, but using this trick I can actually do all the following things now:

  • view the tree
  • do the lessons
  • do strengthen skills (normal or timed)

This trick still isn't anywhere near as good as the html trick, but there is one major good thing about it: the "practice again" button works! This button at the end of strengthen skills rounds doesn't work when using the html trick, but works fine with this trick. ^^

Anyway, sadly I need to sleep now and then go to work, so I don't have time to write up a detailed step-by-step until later tomorrow.

One big hint I will give though: you don't actually need to sleep your computer nor need to wait any length of time at all! Try using duplicate tab instead~ ^_^


It seems to me that one of the reasons Japanese is not ready for the web is that the web version doesn't seem to have the single-character cards the mobile version has for some reason. This leads to an ungodly amount of repetition on the earliest levels (where single characters are the majority of what's being taught) as the exercises try to offer us the few complete words we were supposed to learn. My latest lesson cycled between きたない and さようなら for a good while


Yes, but I really hope that's not the only reason for the web version being been held back two months longer than iOS (so far).

Surely it shouldn't take long to design a question type for web which shows four clickable answer choices...

I wish they'd just leave out the single-character questions completely. There are hundreds of other free online resources that do a great job for teaching and quizzing both kana and kanji. Duolingo is pretty much alone in the amazing way it quizzes you on your sentence composition skill.

Just seems a shame Duolingo want to repeat the work and make their own copy of what hundreds of other sites have already done, when it seems to be at the expense of the thing that makes Duolingo uniquely awesome.

As for the high repetition, thankfully that just means those questions reach maxed out SRS level quickly and you don't have to do those skills too often. Those skills hardly ever pop up when I'm doing strengthen skills now, and I still have a hard time trying to get the whole tree to turn gold. ^^


Dear testmoogle. Just wanted to make a suggestion about studying Japanese. As you know, Holland is a great seafaring nation, and was historically one if the only nations with contact with Japan through the isolation period. Hence the many loan words and strong connections. With that in mind, I would really really recommend doing the dutch reverse tree. Very best wishes Helenzie

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