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Sound problems (No speaker at all).

For a reason that I don' t know, some weeks now, although I still can hear the sound effects perfectly, I can't hear at all (as like he was not existing) the speaker at any exercise. Any idea why and how i can fix it?

July 8, 2017



Hi minaskt,

Have you checked out the Troubleshooting option on the Help page? To locate the page, hover over your username where it appears in the blue bar at the top of the screen. A menu will drop down. Among the options there, click "Help".

Additionally, you can turn off the speaking exercises using Settings from the drop down menu (if sound issues are halting your progress through the course).

Good luck! :)


Thank you for the answer, Usagiboy7.

I have read the "My microphone is not working. How can I fix it?" article (https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204882510-My-sound-is-not-working-What-can-I-do-) from the Help page, but I didn' t find something usefull for my case.

Yes, for now I have already done this you suggesting: I turn off the speaking exercises. But I consider this as a temporary measure. And after all, I want to hear the words and frases also to the others exercises.


The problem still existes. I can' t hear the speaker at no excercise. I only hear the sounds effects.

P.s. If it's helpful, this problem existes when I log in from my PC. When I log in from the tablet, it' s ok.

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