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So many ways to say sometimes. Can you explain them?

So far I've encountered manchmal, mitunter and more I think. Can a native or someone fluent explain them? Are they interchangeable?

July 8, 2017


  • 1958

it's like in English the difference between "sometimes" and "from time to time" ... what is the difference? not much.. that's how languages work


Oh so "mitunter" means "time to time".

So Mitunter gucke ich Fernseher??


Sie sind austauschbar. I have an other one for you: "hin und wieder". Don't worry, it is all the same.


Occasionally I say "ab und zu," at times I prefer "hin und wieder," now and then I use "manchmal, from time to time "von Zeit zur Zeit" seems best and every once in a while I say "mitunter." I'm not sure if these are all perfect synonyms, but they do pretty much mean the same thing.


try "gelegentlich", occasionally

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