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Pronunciation of "lettres sont".

The pronunciation of "Lettres sont" in the sentence "Les lettres sont rouges." does not sound as "let + sont". The pronunciation is different, something like "lett + oson ".

Is there any rule?

How is it exactly pronounced?

July 8, 2017



At any rate, the 'r' in 'lettres' must be pronounced if you want to sound intelligent.

We also pronounce the 'e' here, to make it easier to say the two words together. If the next word began with a vowel, we would also make the liaison (dropping it would make you sound like an idiot).

  • Les lettres = lélètr (lélett = lazy)
  • Les lettres sont = lélètreusson (lélettsson = lazy)
  • Les lettres oranges = lélètreuzoranj (lélettzoranj = lazy, lélettoranj = stupid)


I have indicated the pronunciation with French letters. It has to be either that or API (which is possibly not familiar to many people here) because the French syllables cannot be accurately transcribed with English syllables.

On second thoughts, the liaison in 'les lettres oranges' would most likely be dropped in lazy speech, so 'lélettroranj' would not raise eyebrows. However, you must not imitate the terrible way the French speak their own language; 'lélettreuzoranj'' is the only correct way to pronounce 'les lettres oranges'.


Thank you so much. Now, I have understood the pronunciation correctly.

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