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Future tenses in French

I wonder about how to make a verb to act in future like : (will eat), (will wash) and so on...

Should we add something at the end of the verb?

How to make a verb a future tense?

July 8, 2017



It is very easy. You add something to the infinitive form of the verb. Here is an example with 'manger':

  • I will eat = Je mangerai
  • You (singular) will eat = Tu mangeras
  • He will eat = Il mangera
  • We will eat = Nous mangerons
  • You (plural or formal) eat = Vous mangerez
  • They will eat = Ils mangeront


Merci beaucoup, je vous donnerai 2 lingot :)


Merci, Sofia. :)



You may be interested to know that the conditional in French is similarly formed (with endings attached directly to the unmodified infinitive)

I would eat = Je mangerais You (singular) would eat = Tu mangerais He would eat = Il mangerait We would eat = Nous mangerions You (plural or formal) would eat = Vous mangeriez They would eat = Ils mangeraient


Is this in the tips anywhere? I can't find it.


Note that some verbs have irregular future (and conditional) tenses. For example, the stem of the future and conditional of "pouvoir" is "pourr-": "pourrai"/"pourrais", etc. Also être and avoir (wouldn't ya know?). See "https://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/pr/taf3.html".


It's pretty easy - all you have to do is add a conjugated "aller" in front of the infinitive form of the verb to turn it into future tense.

Je vais manger = I am going to eat. Tu vas manger = You are going to eat. Il/Elle va manger = He/She is going to eat. Nous allons manger = We are going to eat. Vous allez manger = You are going to eat. Ils/Elles vont manger = They are going to eat.

Hope this helps! =)

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but this is only used for near future. If you want to talk about something that will occur in a year, you will have to use the simple future. (Infinitive + ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont)


    True - like passe compose and passe recent


    It's easy. You write the verb and then end if with how the pronoun ends when used with avoir. For example Je ends with ai so you say parlerai. Tu compris?


    it is lacking, i just (11-12-18) found out that future tense is missing. Verbs ended on er je donnerai as a ons ez ont. ended on ir like finir je finirai tu finiras etc (a ons ez ont), verbs ends on oir like recevoir je recevrai tu recevras and further a ons ez ont, verbs ending on re like vendre - je vendrai tu vendras il vendra etc (ons, ez ont) avoir et etre j'aurai tu auras il aura nous aurons vous aurez ils aurons and etre is je serai tu seras il sera nous serons vous serez ils seront. It is not in this course


    Take the infinitive of the verb / add qi - as - a / ons - ez - ont.

    Then you are in the Future. Nice and Easy.

    But - watch for irregular Verbs in the Future - make a list until you lock them in.

    Bonne Chance

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