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Vocabulary stickers for the house/office etc

I'm loving Duolingo and doing better than I ever thought I would. Having done the first household items section, I was thinking that duolingo should sell stickers for the home to complement the lessons. That way I could do the lessons, then while I'm in the house, I get constant reminders every time I open the fridge, make a drink, go to bed etc... or maybe a free pdf of the words that you can print out yourself? would anyone else find that useful?

July 8, 2017



I actually think the best solution would be writing the post-its by hand because this would add a further dimension to learning: The tactile aspect of actually writing the words by hand.

This is totally different from just reading and even typing and helps stabilize the ability to recall the words.

(Unfortunately, this post-it method doesn't work for me because I tend to overlook things, alas ... But I do handwriting of learned stuff, a lot.)


I guess you're right. The act of writing it down would help give extra reinforcement to the words. I found a company selling Spanish stickers which were on pink & blue paper to reinforce whether a word is feminine or masculine. i'll have to buy some pink & blue post-its and make my own as they were £20 for the set!


The idea with different colors for the genders is perfect! So you see: Together we find a solution that is not only less costly but also more valuable than any commercial solution could be. :-)


Yep, that's a great idea! I'll be stickin' 'em all around the house!!!


The books X Language "in Ten Minutes a Day" has these stickers.


Es una idea muy buena!

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