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Those wanting to translate and edit in the same style as DL Immersion should have a look on Translatihan: translatihan.com/

Here is some more info about this translation site by Markvanroode, one of its founders who are old Duolingo Immersion community members:

"This site was only started 4 months ago in embryonic form and is still under development. It will take a few more months before it will have all the functionality that DL Immersion once had. Consider that Immersion had a direct feed from the millions of language learners from the various courses. My guess is that there were several thousands of active translators. This site has about 20 active translators out of 60+ that have registered, concentrated in German, French and somewhat among Dutch native speakers. It will take some time to get more traffic to the site. With the DL Immersion and Activity streams gone, we rely mostly on word by mouth publicity. So, if you can still contact old DL Immersion friends, let them know the site exists and invite them to participate. Uploading of articles and accessible literature (be aware of copyright restrictions) will also help the site's growth and attractiveness. The capability for translation in seven languages should be attractive to multilingual translators. And new languages can always be added in the future. So, join the site and contribute to its development by translating, supplying texts and mentioning it to your friends looking for a user-friendly, free site for translation practise. Enjoy translating. Greetings, Mark, TL site co-developer."

We hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,


July 8, 2017



I tried to register but my attempts at registering were failed


Try it again! When you want contact with Mark Roode, you can find him on Learn English Forum Too.


Yes, come to Translatihan !!!


translatihan.com is where you have to be in order to translate as you did on Duolingo Immersion. Come and join us. You won't regret it.


The site is very good! And you can translate from Italian to English and vice versa too!



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