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What type of preposition is "entlang"?

On Duo, in the tips section of a lesson (any preposition lesson), it states that the word "entlang" is a two-way preposition (hence, it can trigger the dative or the accusative case). but on wikipedia, the word is an accusative. So which one is it?

July 8, 2017



If 'entlang' comes after, then youre using the Akkusativ. If 'entlang' comes in front, then youre using the Dativ or Genitiv.

Ich gehe das Ufer entlang. Ich gehe entlang des Ufers. Ich gehe entlang dem Ufer.


Entlang can take the accusative & the dative - that's according to my Collins German dictionary. It gives two examples as well: Entlang der Mauer wuchs Efeu and Wir gingen den Fluss entlang.


Out of curiosity. your dictionary ignores the genitive for entlang?


OP didn't ask about the genitive but the dictionary doesn't go in to a lot of detail about much, it's an easy learning dictionary rather than an exhaustive dictionary that covers every word.


I know he didnt ask (and I guess/fear that the genitiv just gets dropped). I just wondered that some dictionaries dont care about it.


I reckon my 'proper' German dictionary would cover it but this is just a couple of hundred pages of basically the word + definition and maybe an example sentence


Try this and a few of relevant discussions that will appear on the right when you bring up this link


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