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Emphasizing the sentences

How people in France emphasize the sentences?

For example in English : The weather is hot, isn't it? You understood, didn't you?...

Or positive like : This is not real, isn't it?

July 8, 2017



Do you mean the tag questions like "isn't it?", "don't you?", "right?", etc?

If so, you just add "n'est-ce pas?" at the end of a sentence :)


Merci! Je sais que je ne demande pas mais merci! Ça m'aider beaucoup !


Unlike in English where you have to remember to negate the main clause ("this is not real, is it?"), in French you can just use n'est-ce pas?


Yes. But we can still emphasise negative sentences. To translate your example, we could say: 'Non, mais c'est pas vrai ?' (the correct 'ce n'est pas vrai' is here replaced with the colloquial 'c'est pas vrai') or 'Ne me dis pas que c'est vrai ?' (an affirmative sentence used as a question).

[deactivated user]

    Another unformal way to say "isn't it" can be "hein ?".

    Il fait beau aujourd'hui, hein ?


    In some cases, we can add 'c'est ça ?'. Example: 'La réunion, c'est demain, c'est ça ?' ('The meeting is tomorrow, isn't it?'; literally: 'The meeting, it is tomorrow, it is that?')


    That is the informal way, indeed. 'N'est-ce pas?' is formal.

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