Hints on how to learn the Modern Greek Alphabet


PART 1 The Greek alphabet can seem daunting at first but there are ways to make it easier. Remember you don't have to do it all at once. So, let's get started:

PART 1 First, have a look at the whole alphabet at the end of the ABC Homepage or see link below...relax come back and we'll explain.


Note that each letter also has a name. That actually makes it easier to talk about so when we talk about Α we say alpha or Κ kappa etc.

There are 24 letters (ok and a few little extras to learn but just a few).

Thirteen of the letters will look familiar to you. Here they are A, B, E, H, I, K, M, N, O, T, X, Y, Z (They are not always pronounced the same.

Oh, and they are typed on the same key on the qwerty keyboard ).

Let's see the pronunciation: μν Ok A ΑΛΦΑ Alpha as in father, alphabet ...and it never changes. (Unlike Eng. where we have "father" or "apple" the sound of the vowels in Greek do not vary).

B ΒΗΤΑ Beta This is really strange because it is VEETA ...V just as in vase. vegetable, very...

E ΕΨΙΛΟΝ Epsilon "ay" just like "hay, say, pay, ... and it never changes.

H HTA Eeta "ee" just like in "see, me, knee... and it never changes

I ΙΩΤΑ IOTA "ee" just like in "see, me, knee... and it never changes. Yes, the same as H** but wait there are more.

K ΚΑΠΠΑ Kappa/Kapa "k" as in cow, corn, camara...

M ΜΥ Mee as in mother, milk, ...

Ν ΝΥ Nee as in North, November...

O ΟΜΙΚΡΟΝ Omicron as in Organ, oatmeal.... and it never changes

T ΤΑΥ Taf as in Table, travel.....

X XEI Chee This is a strange one. It sounds like h in have, hamburger, how.... not like the English letter it resembles.

Y ΥΨΙΛΟΝ Ypsilon "ee" just like in "see, me, knee**... and it never changes Yes, just like H,Ι, and wait there are more.

Ζ ΖΗΤΑ Zeeta and it sounds like zoo, zipper....

Ok, there are thirteen (13) letters to get you started. More than half the Alphabet.

Remember * Η-η, Ι-ι and Υ-υ have the same pronunciation (''ee'')

A, K, M, N, O, T, and Z are exactly like the English.

Ok, B is really odd, so is X. :-(

PART 2 PLEASE READ PART 1 FIRST: Now that we have seen more than half the Greek alphabet let's go on.

Here are 8 strange looking ones...BUT they sound just like some English ones.

Θ ΘΗΤΑ THEETA sounds likε TH in the...

Φ ΦΕΙ FEE This is just F as in friend, find, forever...

Λ ΛΑΜΔΑ LAMBDA Ll as in lemon, level, language...

Π ΠΕΙ PEE as in Pp** popular, people, pencil...

Ρ ΡΩ Rr Sorry about this one it looks like another English letter but it really is the Rr sound as in as in row, remember, rhapsody, really....

Ξ ΞΙ sounds just like English x as in FAX

2 have similar sound**:

Γ γ ΓΑΜΜΑ Found on G

Δ δ ΔΕΛΤΑ Found on D

So, now the 3 really odd letters:

Ξ ΞΕΙ KSEE This is like the English X as in extra, fox, xylophone... Found on X

Ψ ΨΕΙ PSEE as in liPStick, hiPSter, Found on C

Ω ΟΜΕΓΑ Omega which is just another o sound like the O OMIKRON we had above. Same sound: orange, oval.... Found on V

Those are the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. There are a few other sounds which you'll see in the link

July 8, 2017


Does ancient Greek use the same letters? I signed up for Greek recently just to know the letters since I sometimes look at the Greek New Testament words in Strong's dictionary.

December 26, 2017
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The Greek used in the Bible is the Koine Greek it is not the same as Ancient Greek and much closer to Modern Greek which we teach here. There are some differences in pronunciation otherwise the Koine and Modern Greek alphabets are the same.

We have had many people take the Duolingo Modern Greek course to help them with Koine Greek. Also, you will find many resources on the internet (including some good youtube videos) for Koine Greek.

December 26, 2017

The letters look similar. How about pronunciation marks?

January 1, 2018
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Many letters in the Greek alphabet are similar to those in the Latin alphabet, particularly the upper case letters. Each letter here has a pronunciation guide.

If however, you are referring to the accents used to show which syllable in a word is stressed as here =>"μαμά" then you will find it in this link.

Please let us know if that's helpful.

January 1, 2018


January 9, 2019
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