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  5. How do tiny cards work???


How do tiny cards work???

Just wondering how tiny cards works. How can you practice a language with them? Could anyone fully explain it to me? Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!!!

July 8, 2017



Tiny cards work very well until you have a problem. But they have no discussion group. No place for comments. No place for correction. The origin of the system on a phone is evident in the lack of features. The assumption of the developers that they understand everything better than us is evident in the complete lack of any facility for user input. duolingo didn't make this mistake, I wonder how they had a child that did.


I tried tinycards for Spanish. It is interesting. It is ike the flashcards in Words part in Spanish. But you can learn almost everything, since somebody made the course you want to learn.


Thank you Stergi3! Appreciate it!

[deactivated user]



    It is a very simple flashcard application. Why don't you just try it?


    Can you print the tiny cards. If you can, how?


    Could someone tell me how to assign flashcards as an assignment to a class? I have made a set of flashcards but now can't figure out how to get my class to do them? Thanks!

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