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Suggestion: full Kanji text/Kana toggle

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Is there anyone else who finds the Kana-only words in the course difficult and annoying to read? I understand that the corresponding Kanji might be overwhelming for new learners, but they are a part of the language that some of us "advanced" learners might want to dive into right from the beginning because they actually make reading easier, since Japanese has no spaces between words. It is worth mentioning that the latest Memrise Japanese courses are offered with Kanji and not simplified.

My suggestion for fixing this issue is a toggle between displaying Kana (with simple Kanji) just like now, or full Kanji (The Russian course implements something similar, a toggle that switches from Cyrillic to Latin script).

July 8, 2017



I agree that more Kanji would be nice. However I would prefer three choices between a) mostly Kana, b) Kanji with furigana and c) Kanji without furigana


I suggested in another thread to implement ruby text so that kanji is displayed along their reading

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