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Romanian eBooks

One thing that helped(and is still currently helping) me to study German after Duolingo was to download eBooks from Amazon in German and practice reading them. There are a ton of them, several actually free. Now I want to start learning Romanian, so I looked for Romanian books that I might use down the road. There really aren't any. Romanian isn't even listed under 'other languages' where the other more obscure ones such as Icelandic are. Does anything know where Romanian reading material could be found online?

July 8, 2017



The first comment in this thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23212598

Mentions this site: https://www.bestseller.md/ebooks/carti-gratis.html?limba=130 It didn't ask me for a credit card, so it seems cool. If it seems useful to you please click through to the original thread and give 9owls a upvote or something.


Great library. Romanian books are hard to find.


Thank you! I've been having trouble trying to find anything modern to read in Romanian once I finish the tree. Project Gutenberg only has two books, amazon has very few.


A workaround might be to use something like https://readlang.com/ro/library You can collect your own Romanian texts and translate it then.


Wow this looks great, thank you!


Thanks a lot for the lingots.

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