"Do not forget me!"

Translation:Să nu mă uitați!

July 8, 2017

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i do not understand why do we have "sa" here?


I think sa is the accusative pronoun for the second person plural in this case. I put nu ma uiti pe mine (2nd person sing) and was accepted but told me 'sa nu ma uitati' was another acceptable solution so this is the conclusion that I have come to. Or it might be to with the fact that the verb is in the imperative?


It's not an accusative but a particle used to form the subjunctive (and imperative, you are right).

Take care of the hook in “să” (if your keyboard has it); there's also “sa” which means her/his.


Couldn't work our why the să is in here it says 'to' underneath. Is this a new use of să. Thanks


The Duolingo “word help” sometimes goes mysterious ways. I can imagine only the following:

The basic meaning of “să” is that of the conjunction “that”, so a literal re-translation of the exercise would be “that you not forget me.” In certain situations the English “that” can be replaced by the infinitive with “to:”

  • I want you not to forget me = Vreau nu mă uitați!

In these situations “să” seems to be “translated” by “to.” I suppose that's how the word help got this idea. It is compiled by an algorithm, as far as I understand.


It seems that "Nu mă uiți pe mine!" is correct but "Nu m-uiți pe mine!" is wrong. Can someone please advise when the contracted form of the unaccented accusative pronoun should be used.


Mă - present tense (Mă vezi. - You see me.) M- past tense (M-ai văzut. - You saw me.)

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