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"The glass is used for drinking."

Translation:Le verre sert à boire.

July 9, 2017



Why can't one use "utilise" here?


You can use "utiliser", but you have to put it in the passive voice and use the preposition "pour" :

"Le verre est utilisé pour boire" is a correct translation and should be accepted


Phooey, That's what I had and then I changed it. Thanks.


Although you would be somewhat understood, nobody would say it like that though. "Servir (à)" is the verb that is used to describe the function/purpose of something. Typically when you want to know the purpose of something, you would ask "A quoi ça sert ?".


so, would it then be le verre sert à boire?


<< Le verre sert à boire ? > is the given translation.


Why is it "est utilise" when this is present tense, no? Why is /est/ needed?


Well it's not the indicative of the present tense. "le verre utilise" can be translated as "the glass is used/is using". However we want to say it is "being used". This is known as the passive voice. So "est utilisé" is what you should use if you want to go with utiliser as we can translate this as "is utilised/used"


How about "Le verre est pour boire"?

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