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Medieval Music on Tinycards

Hi! I've just created a deck on Tinycards, about Ancient and Medieval Music Composers, It includes composers from Early, Middle and Late Medieval Era, and It has some extra content featuring Ancient Greek composers.
If you like this type of music, or if you would like to learn about this, go here: https://tiny.cards/decks/0903f6b9-ed9c-4fc4-8cde-b80c3e612736 and learn on Tinycards!

Also, If you would like to listen to these composers music, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m10HOYvW--k=PLt0_z8KLucStBlN0yJY1cOW5rWQfM7nIJ
And enjoy!

July 9, 2017



Surely Gombert deserves to be tacked on at the end...


Nicolas Gombert is a Renaissance Composer, I've also made a Renaissance Composers deck on Tinycards, here's the link: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/ee03ca76-1d71-4a74-b5ca-02c543932850


He was pretty early renaissance, so could be considered to straddle the two eras—you've included Dufay, Ockeghem, Desprez, etc. on that list too (and still no Gombert!) I feel his importance is too often under-rated.

Some of the countries on the cards are very anachronistic (prochronistic, in truth), incidentally; it doesn't make much sense to talk about the Czech Republic in the 16th century...

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