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Why is 'nicht mehr' used here?

"Wir haben gelernt, dass wir nicht so weitermachen können wie bisher, weil die Welt und Deutschland in Bewegung sind wie seit 1989 nicht mehr."

Does that roughly translate to the following?

"We learned that we cannot make as much progress as before, because the world and Germany are moving on since 1989 [any more?]."

I don't understand what the function of 'nicht mehr' is at the end.

July 9, 2017



I would translate it as follows: "We learned that we cannot progress in the same way as before because the world and Germany are moving in a manner last seen in 1989."
Edit: Native German speakere here =)


best translation I've read here until now.


For a native German speaker it is. I said earlier Steff, has it down pat.


Thanks Hannibal-Barkas and brucethom1950 :-)


You're welcome.


I'd suggest something like "not since" as a translation of seit ... nicht mehr

giving "...in motion in a way they haven't been since 1989".


I thought about that too, because it is the more literally translation, but then chose the other one in order not to be repetive in my ways ;)


I would venture something like: "...because Germany and the world are no longer in transition as they were in 1989" I may be totally off and would love to hear a better opinion


Posting this in the English from German discussion forum as well as the German from English Forum may get more comments regarding your question.

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