"Ein Paar Schuhe"

Translation:A pair of shoes

March 6, 2013

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Am I correct in assuming if it was written as a "ein paar schuhe" the answer could be "a few shoes," but because Paar is capitalized it is "a pair of shoes"?


"ein paar" would probably rather be 'some', more literally "a couple of", but overall, you get the idea, yes. Paar, capitalized, is always two of them. Ein Paar = a couple (two lovers), for example.


Is there any pronunciation difference?

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    I didn't spot the difference in paar and Paar, but there again the difference had not been explained, so I am not suprised.


    Non-capital "paar" is numerative, roughly equivalent to "a couple of". Capital "Paar" is a noun, referring to an actual pair.


    If this is so, then I think I should have had some marked wrong in the previous exercise - I have been capitalising "Paar" all the time without realising the difference in the meaning!


    Now why do some courses as well as some Germans say that paar is not capitalized in this sentence and others and in here it is capitalized. Like in my other course if you put Ein Paar Rosinen it would correct it to Ein paar Rosinen and in here Paar is capitalized

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      Your other course in perfectly in line with Duolingo.

      ein Paar = a pair of as in ein Paar Schuhe = a pair of shoes

      ein paar = some as in ein paar Rosinen = some raisins


      mmm ok it makes sense


      is there any difference between "paar", "einige" and "manche" ? they all seem to mean the same thing. it`s just different contexts ?


      So with Paar, the "of" is always implied and no word is needed?

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        So, if I were to say: "ein Paar K├Ânige" Would "Paar" be correctly used? (Translation: A pair of kings card reference)


        Is "Ein Paar" really used both for "a pair" and "some" or would etwas be better for some?

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          Please read the previous comments. Also, you can only use "etwas" with something uncountable, e.g. "etwas Butter".


          more of an english question but isn't a couple of shoes correct?


          a couple of shoes


          a couple of shoes isn't it correct

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