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European dialects of English, Spanish and Portuguese for Duolingo?

Duolingo has the American dialects of English, Spanish and Portuguese (when I say "American", I mean from The Americas). I understand the Duolingo headquarters is in the US so the American dialects were the obvious choices, however, Duolingo has grown so much that now cover small languages like Catalan, Guarani and Esperanto, so, is it possible to add the European dialects of those three major European languages?

July 9, 2017


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Or at least have them in a separate lesson or instead of the silly Flirting in the shop.

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Sadly, not going to happen. CEO Luís is against it.

Which is a shame really, especially for Portuguese where the two varieties can differ significantly (more than American and British English IMO).

Technically speaking, I don't think it would be that difficult to copy the current courses and modify them slightly in order to offer both varieties of those languages.


Why is he against it though? Is there a legitimate reason?


He gives his reasons here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/126103$comment_id=126220.

...and I don't think it matters much which dialect we start with. Duolingo is for the first stage of learning a language. Once we move onto the next stage of our language learning, we just have to make sure that we use resources from the dialect of our choice.


I don't think so either, but weirdly enough that's Spain's flag that they're putting up to represent Latin American Spanish. I guess there's too many countries, but still. I want to start Spanish sometime next year, and I wasn't aware that they're not teaching the Spainish spoken in Spain. Same goes for Portugese. Wish they'd have at least a few lessons just to familiarize people with the different dialects.


I agree that the Latin American Spanish course should be represented with the flag of Mexico, since that is the most populated country of Hispanic America and the country with more Spanish speakers in the world. This is why Mexican Spanish is considered the Standard Latin American Spanish as well as the main dialect of Spanish taught in USA.


I think they should introduce a lesson showing the quirks and differences of the different dialects of the languages e.g. for Spanish there could be a separate lesson for Argentinian dialect, Mexican dialect, Venezuelan dialect etc.

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