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Your French learning resource (outside of Duolingo)!

Hello everyone!

As we all know that Duolingo is the best site for learning languages, but we need another resources to improve our French language in three abilities (listening, reading and writing).

So let's help each other and share the sources that help you become fluent. We can use each others information and all become fluent.

Share whatever you want but not repeatedly from others :)

July 9, 2017



Memmrise. The French experiment


I use https://www.clozemaster.com/ (For spanish though, but it can be used for pretty much any language.)


That one is nice, thanks for sharing!


You're welcome.


I recommend lingvist.com, you can listen to real voice audio (and test yourself by closing your eyes) and you can read the text on-screen. Also, there are fill-in-the-blank exercises for writing. So it improves all three: reading, listening, and writing!


Bonjour Sofia, félicitations pour votre nouvelle perspective (la précédente était meilleure). Là, je partage votre sujet précieux. Pour moi, je préfère regarder des vidéos et des films français s'ils sont pris en charge par la traduction anglaise. Dialouge est également utile


Bonjour Pollyperki! Merci beaucoup :) vous avez bonnes idees. mois aussi, je prefere regarder des videos francais :)


What websites are best for conversation practice? I can write and read well, however I freeze up like a deer in the headlights in conversations. I need practice on listening and then responding orally (like in a conversation). Any ideas?


Listening :lingvist, speaking: speechling, conversation is finding a French friend! I recommend "HelloTalk" and "Interpals" :)


Merci! Quatre idées , quatre lingots pour vous!

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