"President was chosen by citizens"

Translation:Rais alichaguliwa na Wananchi

July 9, 2017

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The correct answer given to me was only: 'raisi'. Hence my question mark, since that is not a sentence.. and president is Rais.


Ah, president can also be "raisi", but yeah, obviously that's not a full sentence.

Looking above I see "Rais alichaguliwa na Wananchi" (capitalisation of Wananchi is surely a mistake) so your question mark didn't make any sense to me. Always ask a full question because often people who come to give answers won't know exactly what you saw.


I only got raisi as the answer which makes no sense


What she is saying is that it lists a correct full sentence as "Rais alichaguliwa..." AND forces you to also select and option consisting ONLY of the word "Raisi". No sentence or anything along with it. Which is incorrect. Yes, Raisi/Rais are interchangeable, but the problem is one of incompleteness


I'm not sure how I was supposed to get all of that from a question mark, especially since all I see is the correct answer up above.


All I get as the correct answer is "Raisi". No sentence just one word the same as Nadnu5, greenapprentice and Ama.

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