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I see "Flirting has been strengthened" message after each new lesson or excercise

I bought Spanish Flirting lesson right when it become available. I finished it some time after that. Unfortunately whenever I finish unrelated lesson (yesterday's and today's Occupation lvl 2 and 3) or finish strengthening exercise I get message that I strengthened Flirting (4/5 bars I think). This is bug in desktop version (I use Chrome browser) but If I remember correctly, I finished Flirting lessons on my iPad.

March 25, 2014



I strengthen Christmas the same way. I thought about reporting it, but I get a weird satisfaction knowing that each time I practice my Spanish I am "saving Christmas" for people everywhere. Yeah, it's weird, but it puts a smile on my face. My own private joke.


Hi xmort,

That is a bug. Staff is aware and is working to fix it.

Thanks! :)


It's because the owl knows you only learn a new language for the ladies :)


Thanks for reporting, this should be fixed now! Do let us know if the problem should persist.


I just finished 4/6 Occupation lesson and I did not see the "Flirting strengthened" message. Thank you for the great fix. I did not expect you will be fixing it so soon.

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