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Can't buy things in the store - Why?

Hey I have a question: Why can't I buy most of the things on the lingot store? I can only buy the "Streak Freeze", "Double or Nothing" and the "Time Practice".Is there a specific reason for that, or is it because of the courses im taking? I am taking French, Italian and Catalan from Spanish and Dutch from English. Thanks for everything!

July 9, 2017



What are you trying to buy? As far as I can see the items are the only three items available on the web store. There are other items in the store on the apps, depending on which app you use but just those three on the web store.


The bonus skills (flirting and idioms). Maybe that's the reason.


Of course, although most of her courses do not have any bonus skills, not those she mentions (I don't think).


I'm learning German from English and my store has 2 Bonus Skills: Flirting + Idioms and Proverbs

Using both web and app version.


So it depends on the course? I'm gonna try it.


Whether or not there are bonus skills depends on the language. French and Italian from English have bonus skills but not from Spanish.


Ok. Thank You! Do you know any other language(s) that have the bonus skills?


It depends on the course not the language.

Generally it is the original language courses (to and from English) that have them.


Ok. Thanks! But it depends on the level doesn't it? Because i'm learning dutch from english and I haven't got it.


Dutch is not one of the original languages.

They were French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Courses between these languages and English (either 'to' or 'from') should have them.

You are right that they do not appear initially - you have to complete the first few skills. Five or so - I can't quite remember.

There are some other cases out there like: English for Chinese speakers has a New Year bonus skill; and Japanese for English speakers has three bonus skills (National Holidays, Olympics and Subculture).


You didnt have any lingots?


I have lingots, but what I mean is that when I go to the store I can only buy the three things I mentioned before, and for example not the bonus skills.


My store just had 3 things :"<


mine too, that's why I'm asking why I'm unable to buy more stuff :" (


On most things you have to be past the possessions and then it lets you buy the bonus lessons


Certain items are only available for certain languages, especially when it comes to supplementary skills and such.


I can't seem to buy a streak freeze at the store. There is a greyed out box on the right that says "equiped". When I click on it, nothing happens. In fact nothing seems to happen on anything that I click.

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