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How to make your own tiny cards

I am dumb. I say it before anyone else does. Because everyone thinks Tiny cards are easy. But I can't get Tiny cards to work. When I “publish” a deck, I get a reply : "Oh no! Your deck is not ready yet! It still needs:It still needs: no facts left empty". But what are "facts"? If I make a card "Zubehör" on one side and "Equipment" on the other, what else do you need? What would be "facts" on that card?

July 9, 2017



You must create a minimum of cards, not only two or so. You write something on each card, for example das Kleid and on the other card the dress, more facts are not necessary. You have to write a name for the cards an a description and you need a picture for the card. That can be a color or only or a foto. Thats it.


Thanks. I've got it now!


The facts are the items (either text or image) that you add to a card.

Perhaps one side of one (or more) of your cards is blank (if so, either add a fact to the blank side, or delete the card).

Or perhaps you have added multiple facts to one side and left one fact blank (if so just remove the empty fact from the card face).


Yes, I've realise now that one must not call up a "fact" on a card and leave it blank. Thanks a lot.

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