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"De schildpadden zwemmen door het water."

Translation:The turtles are swimming through the water.

July 9, 2017



Dear diary, After over 30 hours of Dutch in Duolingo I don't know the names of most animals, but I can sure talk about turtles.


Would a native really say "swim through the water"? I don't know, it feels like an unnatural thing to say in English, but I might be wrong. I translated it as "in the water" and it was marked wrong.


Yes. It indicates travel. If you said they were in the water, they might just be playing around.


No. My native girlfriend says that ships and horses go through the water (door), while for fish and turtles, though technically correct to say "door", natives don't. They say "in het water". And Duo doesn't accept it :(


Why all the turtles???


I only tapped one letter wrong and it costs me one heart. As a non native English speaker this is hard...,


This section does not update correctly after reviewing, leading to a lot of unnecessary repetition. Please fix!


You might want to put this question in the troubleshooting forum otherwise submit a bug report.


why not across instead of through


The biggest issue is where or through what would they be swimming if not water? Why would anyone say such a sentence instead of just saying that they are swimming?

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