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English course for Hindi speakers

I speak little bit Hindi. I speak English too, but why can't I choose the course English for Hindi speakers. If I can do so, I can increase my Hindi speaking capability. Can anyone help on this? If I choose English through Hindi, I'm unable to continue with other language courses through English.

July 9, 2017



Hindi for English speakers is not yet ready for release which is why you cannot start that course.

English for Hindi speakers is available and you should be able to select it.


When you want to "continue with other language courses through English" just change your language back to English. Your UI is always in the same as the source language of the course you are doing.

Note: If you are using the web, there is now a much faster course switching menu available from the flag in the header bar (currently active on Home and Profile pages). You will see your current courses in one list and can select from there.


Any status update on the English course for Hindi speakers? I'd like to share this with my Kerala friends...

Thank you

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