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  5. "Sentiamo l'uccello."

"Sentiamo l'uccello."

Tradução:Ouvimos o pássaro.

July 9, 2017

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    A curious italian fact about the word "uccello" (don't read if you are sensitive).

    Don't be surprised if an italian will start to laugh if he/she hears the word "uccello" ( especially in this kind of sentence xD) because this word has another meaning, it's really slang so you will probably hear between guys while they are making a joke. It means "cock, penis", yeah, that one, and in this sentence is even more hilarious because of the verb "sentire" which also means to touch physically.


    Yes this is seriou, my residence is in Italy


    Your comments are very helpful. Thank you!


    In greek «uccello» (πουλί) has also the same meaning and it is not at all slang, rather an euphemism.


    pássaro ou passarinho devem ser considerados correta


    Passarinho = Uccelino


    "Sentiamo" é traduzido por 'ouvimos' mas também pode ser por 'sentimos'? Como seria 'escutamos' em italiano?

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