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"Bạn dùng cái muỗng để làm gì?"

Translation:What do you use the spoon for?

July 10, 2017



It seems they are trying to simplify the question. " You use the spoon in order to do what? " is the literal translation. Simplified to " What do you use the spoon for? ".


I am constantly confused the way they put the question at the END of the sentence, and everything else, it seems. You are working out the translation, and then BOOM! Have to go back and change the whole thing because it's a QUESTION. It's like, how can you have a conversation that way, when you think someone's saying one thing, and poof! oh no, they're saying something entirely different once you finally get to the end of the sentence!!! OMG!!!!!!!


because that is the sentence structure in Vietnamese! Like, you use the spoon to do what?


but you think they're saying a STATEMENT, and don't find out til the last word it's a QUESTION.


an interrogative sentence has the same structure than a declarative. you would just use the appropriate question words instead of the complement.

  • bao nhiêu người trong bếp? (how many people are there in the kitchen?)
  • hai người trong bếp. (there are two people in the kitchen.)
  • tên bạn là ? (what's your name?)
  • tên bạn là An. (your name is An.)
  • ai ăn trái táo của tôi? (who ate my apple?)
  • An ăn trái táo của tôi. (An eats/ate my apple.)
  • bạn muốn cài muỗng để làm gì? (what do you use the spoon for?)
  • bạn muốn cái muỗng để múc đường. (you use the spoon for scooping sugar.)


Noo...Real conversation consists not only from lexical parts, the order of which you so frightened. In addition to order of words, some kind audio effects have meaning: intonation, for ex...HUMAN is not ROBOT, is it? More to that, did not you meet occasion when questions are asced more then one time just only to specify that it is a question? Different people require different ways to speak and syntax here is not main thing...


virtually impossible to understand the audio


Couldnt understand the audio, the "cai" was so fast, almost like eaten


You something something something in order to do what...

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