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Die, der, oder das, What is the difference?

I am having trouble memorising the die, der and das. Is there any rule like

If it ends with a noun = die. if ends with noun and before noun = das if ends with vowel= der

Just examples but if you are a native german speaker can you please tell me how you learnt when you went to school?

July 10, 2017



Hello! Put in German Forum please =)


What does that mean?


When you post something it gives you the option of which topic to post in. You posted in the general Duolingo topic, but since it's specifically about German, it would be better to put in the German topic.

It's possible to move the post to the right topic after posting. I've never done it, but I'm pretty sure you just have to click on a couple of things. Maybe try clicking where it says Topic: Duolingo on the top left? Or maybe around the edit post button? something like that.


They're called articles and they represent the gender of the noun. In German there are three main articles: der (masculine), die (feminine, and it's also used for when a noun is plural) and das (neuter). For example: Die Frau-The woman (feminine) Die Frauen-The women (plural) Die Hand-The hand (feminine) Die Hände-The hands (plural)

Der Zaun-The fence (masculine) Die Zäune-The roofs (plural) Der Satz-The sentence (masculine) Die Satze-The sentences (plural)

Das Dorf-The village (neuter) Die Dörfer-The villages (plural) Das Gesicht-The face (neuter) Die Gesichter-The faces (plural)


Die Female . Der Male. Das Neuter


I'm not a native speaker, just a beginner, but the advice I heard was that although there are some rules there are also many exceptions... so the rules only help if you have to guess.

You just have to learn the definite articles along with the words.

That said though, here is an article that covers some rules to help you guess unknown words (or if you just forgot the gender of a word):


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