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90 Day Challenge Week 5 Updates

Hello Duolingoers!

Here is where you can post your week 5 updates if you have been doing the 90 Day Duolingo Only Language Challenge!

This week I got up to "present 4" in the Polish tree. I'm still enjoying the Polish learning process, even though cases are difficult. Some of the skills include a lot of vocabulary. At first, I was memorizing all of the vocabulary words in each skill, but once I hit the "household" skill that had a lot of words, I knew that I would have to make a decision: memorize every word or move on and pick words up while continuing to go through the skills. I have a notebook where I've written down all of the vocabulary, as well as some sentences, so sometimes I go over that. Rather than learning every vocab word, I have been memorizing words that come up more frequently and that I am more likely to use in a conversation, based on the things I talk about in daily life. Still, I must admit that I have slacked off on memorizing the days of the week and months...

What have you learned this week? Any tips for learning vocabulary that don't involve using another app or making homemade flashcards?

July 10, 2017



Hi ;) This week I learned 3 new cases in Hungarian. So theoretically I know 5 Hungarian cases. And I still repeating previous lessons.

I don't try to learn by heart every single word, too. I think that after a lot of repetition I'll memorize these words. But I also use Memrize (there are courses with words from Duolingo). But this is just "another app" :) I don't have any special method to memorize words.


Hey!! (: I found a Duolingo Polish course on Memrise that I would love to use, but like you said, it's "another app", so I'm not sure if I'll use it or wait until the challenge is over, even though it's just Duolingo vocabulary...

You seem to be learning a lot in Hungarian! That's really cool that you're progressing a lot! (:


I'm learning also with Hungarian Duolingo course on Memrise because due new is just a way to learn this words. But I'm further on Duolingo than on Memrise. Yes, everyday I try to learn at least you new Hungarian lesson. But I don't think that I learn a lot. Good luck with your Polish :)


Just caught the Japanese golden owl :)

It has been, um, a challenge to say the least. It's been a good exploration. I can fit basic sentences together. That was really my main objective, so I'm happy. Mastering the vocab will be a task for another day.

My vocab learning tip (really just more of a learning tip) in the context of your challenge would be to make sure you're trying to translate the English sentences into Polish before you look at the word boxes.


Congratulations! It's even better to hear that you obtained your goal of putting together basic sentences (: I like your vocab tip. I'll definitely try putting that into practice!


Indeed! Concrete communication tasks are much more meaningful than having, or not, happened to do all the lessons in a tree a single time. That's why I prefer "got the golden owl" to "finished the tree" :) That little trophy is a nice little marker for perhaps the end of the beginning of the beginning of learning a language. "Finished" seems a slightly out of place word. As I start back from the top reviewing, I'm quite pleased with how straightforward things are. Even getting to the point of taking my own advice of translating things without the word boxes. The tree is also in much better shape up there, a common occurrence, all the more for courses in beta.


That's so good to hear about the Japanese tree! I really want to start learning from it sometime, but I'm eagerly awaiting the Korean tree that is supposed to come out in August. You got the golden owl so quickly! Once again, congratulations! I still need to try out your tip of translating without the word boxes, but first I need to catch up on taking notes haha


Believe it or not, I've never taken a single note from Duolingo!


I hope you open the way for french dialogue.I see you social and interacting.

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