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  5. "てがみはすぐに読んでください。"


Translation:Please read the letter immediately.

July 10, 2017





Is 'letters' really wrong? I thought that てがみ could be translated both as "letter" and "letters"!


It should be accepted. Report it.


Sometimes it wats me to add please and others It marks wrong when I say please. Consistently please


It starts to become a guessing game.


Why use wa instead of wo here?


Could you please elaborate a little? I'm a bit confused about topic and object here. Isn't "letter" supposed to be the object in this context? @_@


I hope someone more qualified will comment here, but I'm guessing it's one of those times when Japanese uses a different form than we would. I think "read" here is not transitive, so it doesn't form a direct object, and probably translates more like, "the letters, be reading soon please." Anyone, am i close? :-)


Not quite, 読む(よむ) is still a transitive verb, but using は to make the object into a topic emphasizes the word. It's kind of a subtle difference, but think of it like "As for this LETTER, please read it soon" whereas てがみを直ぐに読んでください would be more like "please READ this letter soon"

It's something you'll get the hang of if you listen to more conversational Japanese. In the big picture, the meaning is quite similar.


I am not a native English speaker, I answered "please read the letter at once" and it was marked wrong. Should it be accepted?


straight away, right away, immediately - they all mean the same!


That's how i feel about this and that. This chair and that chair are still the same chair.


'This chair' or 'That chair' can not always be used interchangeably. 'This' refers to something you're near, while 'that' refers to something further away. Or when comparing two things you could use those words to differentiate between them. But there is sometimes indeed some ambiguity between them.


I think there is a slight difference between them. Sure they all mean "at this point in time", but depending on the urgency of the situation you could use different ones. I would use "Immediately" when every second counts and you cant afford to lose any. And I'd use "right away" or "straight away" when something has to be done now, but it's no problem if I first take a sip of tea before I start. But in the end the context makes it clear how urgent the situation is, and they can be used interchangeably.


is rare to see a difficult kanji used by duo in a sentence


I'm not sure if you forgot the question mark, or if you wanted to make a statement and used the wrong word order..

Anyways, it used to be rare for Duolingo to use difficult Kanji. But they're now using a new tree and it isn't rare anymore.


I wrote "please read the letter at once" at was marked incorrect. This might be a bit old timey or British sounding, but it's correct English and means the same thing.


That's why there is a report button after it says your answer is wrong. I've used it several times, and I've received a couple of emails that my answer has been added to the list of correct answers.

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