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One half a year of French study - time to take a one day break

Just hit 183 straight days - the longest voluntary effort I've ever been involved in. Have reached 62%, level 23 and a little over 23,000 pts.

It has been a great ride. I could continue directly to 30,000 but seeing that others have streaks longer than 1000 days, I yield to their diligence.

There is no way I could ever catch them!

So, I am going to take a break of one day - just one - and then start a new mini streak of my own.

My thanks to Duolingo and the contributors/moderators of the discussions. Without you, especially Sitesurf, I would have never gotten this far. Sitesurf, I don't know if you are still around but you are the best!

July 10, 2017



Do it. My streak was over 3 years long. I got lax when they removed our activity streams and lost my streak. I thought I would be really sad, but I wasn't.

I reset my French tree several years ago, and that was pretty motivating, too. It is good to see how much I knew as I went through it again.


My next goal is to try to get to your level 25 (congrats by the way) before September 1 as I am going to France on the 3rd for 3 weeks.

I am still not where I want to be with regard to speaking and listening (as opposed to reading). Not having a practice partner hurts there as listening/speaking to a live person is a separate skill from reading. This is one area where Duo could improve. Hopefully the new stories will help a little once French is added. Anyway, to fill the gap beginning Wednesday and again on Saturday, I am going to start some lessons with a person in Paris and in Brussels, respectively, via Skype. Doing so is a lot less expensive than I thought. Hopefully they work out. If so, I will continue them.

Also, for anyone reading this, listeningpractice.org is great for verb conjugation practice. (I have a hard time understanding the audio in other sections). In addition, I recently came across lyricstraining.com where french songs are sung. Then the songs stop and you need to fill in a missing word to continue. There are beginner and intermediate etc levels. It helps with listening skills. Both of the mentioned sites are free, just like Duolingo.


Lyricstraining.com is just great. Thanks for sharing. A lingot for you!


Bon voyage demain! lol. That shows my reading comprehension in English. I completely missed "September 1st." I am sure you will make it to 65% fluency by then. Wow, what a challenge to find out if you "can make it" in French, speaking- and listening-wise by then!!


I like that idea. I may do so as well after I max out.


I finished my tree yesterday at level 17. Does this mean that I just didn't spend as much time to get to the end point? I am also ending with 53% "fluency." Ha ha. I have this nasty habit of reading "Il" as "I" due to it being so close to "Ich" in German, so I mess up every second sentence using Il---despite having been learning French for months. Le Sigh. I am sure that is one of the reasons my fluency didn't accelerate more, as well as forgetting to hit the shift key when putting the different accents over the words.


After finishing your tree, you need to keep reviewing and practicing. The highest level is 25 which takes 30,000 pts earned in practice. Fluency is determined by how many errors you make along the way, but that obviously improves with more practice. I think the highest level of fluency is about 65% as there are only about 2700 words in the program. I am at 63% fluency at this point at 27,450 pts. Most of my errors are because I get sloppy sometimes hurrying to get through lessons as I want to get to 30,000 before going to France in September. I am hoping I get the additional 2% in fluency by then as well. Note: I have not seen errors caused by a lack of accents in the French program unlike some others. Second note, listen to tapes, music, read easy newspapers etc and if you can practice with others. Listening and speaking are a whole lot different than going through this course. I find I can read rather well but man am I slow when it comes to real conversation as I spend so much time translating in my head... The only way for that skill to improve is through practice actually doing it. As I have no one locally to practice with, lately i have been doing so on Skype with a man in South Africa and a woman in Switzerland. The rates are a lot less than someone face to face or even on Skype here in the US.


Thanks. Aha, in September you will be going! How exciting! I wish you a good "ear" and "mouth" by then!! Maybe you will come back to this discussion and post your experience? (Or post a link here to another discussion?) That would be nice!


Haha nice work! I am just getting back into Duolingo, I nearly made a 300 day streak once, then lost it and went back to 100 or 200, then became demotivated and haven't really been on since. But good job to you, best of luck for your new mini streak!!!


You're going to use the streak freeze from the Lingot store?


I don't think so. I would know it wasn't real. Besides I want to relieve the pressure of the need to continue it.


That's a good point...So a real genuine streak. I always have a streak freeze equipped but haven't had to use it yet thankfully. Good work though, a true 183 days...


That's really cool! Nice job! Have 5 lingots!


Merci! Puts me at 504

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