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A few suggestions for Tinycards.

I apologise if I'm doing this wrong. It's my first post here.

Tinycards was hailed as the "Future of Flashcards" by duolingo. But, for at least the past month or so, duolingo's Tinycards project seems to have stagnated. I'm not sure whether this is a deliberate decision on duo's part, or whether the developers over at Tinycards are not communicating their progress/road-map to the users effectively.

I was excited about Tinycards at first, as it seems to boast of an SRS like algorithm that is perfect for long term learning. And with duo's Japanese course rolling out already, I was hoping that Tinycards would be ready for the community jumping in and making study sets (even the site's intro cartoon shows a Japanese hiragana card). But then after fiddling around making a few sets and stuff, I realised that there isn't any support for Japanese text-to-speech (though there are quite a few European languages to choose from).

As of now, I am not sure if duo is committed on developing and bettering this baby called Tinycards. And thus will hold off on committing any time in making study sets there.

Here are a couple of suggestions for the developers over at Tinycards:

1) Please provide us with your planned road-map for the site. Talk about the upcoming features/changes.

2) Please add the ability to 'only' be quizzed on yes/no type questions, i.e. the user looks at the flashcard, guesses the answer, looks at the answer on the other side, then taps Yes/No depending on whether they guessed correct or not.

3) Please add Japanese TTS. And please let us know if it's on the way and its ETA.

Thank you very much.

July 10, 2017



4) Please add the ability to use custom audio.


And the ability to have (as many) alternative answers (as you wish), which then can be marked as correct.


That's actually a great suggestion! I can see a lot of users benefiting from it.


Excellent suggestions! Thanks for posting - I hope there is a productive response.


Thank you! :)

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