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'Report a problem' is no longer helpful.

When you want to report a problem, you have only three options: The audio does not sound correct. The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing. The French sentence is unnatural or has an error.

How do you report a problem when you've given a perfectly reasonable, natural English answer and the answer is rejected? The only thing to do, apparently, is to mention it on the discussion page, but you go there and find that someone else has already raised the same objection and nothing has been done about it.

It also seems impossible to find a place to mention that having only the female speaker (apparently - the male never is heard when I'm using Duolingo) is a bad idea. I found him quite clear in French and the woman almost always requires many repetitions on 'slow' mode, and even then often I just type a few words and click 'enter' because there's no way I'm going to be able to understand her. This has been a problem from the beginning, and I suspect it has something to do with the pitch of her voice not coming out of speakers well or something. The female-only in Polish is not so hard to understand, but the French female speaker is almost never clear.

The most recent changes to Duolingo have not been particularly helpful - this included. Cutting off meaningful feedback from users seems short-sighted.

Even now, when I want to pick a discussion topic, I cannot pick the topic, 'problems with the website in general,' but have to limit the topic to a particular language I'm working on. What if the problem is not limited to a particular language?

July 10, 2017



To address your last problem, hit edit and try again. Usually troubleshooting will show up when you re-select a topic.


I have an option, "My answer should be accepted." If it's not showing up for you, I'd think a bug report would be in order.


I'm using a stationary computer at home. I understand from different comments that there are different options and even perhaps different names for things when you're using a phone or some other portable device. Is this the case for you?


Yes, the app versions (which between iOS and Android are also quite different) and the version for mobile web browsers differ a great deal from the full browser version that appears on a desktop computer.

This is the box I get when selecting the report button on a sentence on my computer:

BTW, the place to ask about the choice of voice is probably in the French forum. Maybe the course moderators know what is afoot, and they're more likely to see the question / critique there.


With you on this problem. I end up copying down the answer given, then when the question comes around again, I just fill it in with that answer. It is frustrating, but I figure this is part of the process of learning another language: there are somethings that make no sense at first, and may never make sense. Have you any memory of learning English in school? I wouldn't want to learn it now: it has a multitude of contradictory rules, from multiple language sources.
Sorry I couldn't help. Best wishes, here's a lingot


I do that too, only I'm so lazy that I copy and paste the answer and then paste it in when it comes up again. I also do it when the answer has a lot of different French letters or Polish letters and it seems like every time I type the correct answer, I miss a different accent mark or put in the wrong Polish 'z' and have to do it again.

I'm a native-speaker of English, and correct English always came easily to me, but I know what you mean about not wanting to learn it now. I worked for 23 years in a college that trained non-native-speakers to be teachers of English, and the hardest thing was having to explain grammar rules that simply came naturally to me from growing up in a family that read a lot. Acquiring a language as a native-speaker is a completely different thing from learning the language as a non-native speaker.

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