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"Wanawake wanapenda rangi ya pinki"

Translation:Women like the color pink

July 10, 2017



Why rangi ya pinki here, whereas rangi nyeusi???


Only red, white and black are used as adjectives in that sense. Other colours are formed "the colour of..." So you have rangi ya pinki (the colour of pink), or rangi ya machungwa (the colour of oranges), but you have rangi nyeusi (the colour black), rangi nyeupe (colour white) and rangi nyekundu (colour red).


The translations are inconsistent. Sometimes the answer is 'colour pink' and sometimes 'pink colour'. For good English it depends on the context but would generally be '..... like the colour pink' but if referring to colour say in a garment, would say '....like the colour pink in the shirt'.


I find that this phrase has sexist undertones.


Wanawake wanapenda rangi ya pinki

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