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  5. Den frauen geben sie wasser??


Den frauen geben sie wasser??


This sentence was on DL with the blank in place of "den". I picked "die" out of the given options instead. Why was it marked wrong (The women give her/them water)? And shouldnt the sentence be "Sie geben den frauen wasser"? As in, can "to the women" appear first in German in everyday usage (as opposed to literary.. like we say in English, eg, To his wife he left his house and to his son the farm) ??

July 10, 2017



"The women give them water" would be "die Frauen geben ihnen/ihr Wasser". The women receive the water, so "den Frauen" is correct "to the women they give water".

Think about a situation like ("Die Männer bekommen Bier, aber den Frauen geben sie Wasser")


"The women give THEM water" would be "die Frauen geben IHNEN Wasser" -- "ihr" would mean that they give HER water.


you're right. My fault.


But sie can also be used for her or them..


Very nice Hannibal, this is the first time I ever saw Den Frauen. You explained it well, Thanks.

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