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For advanced French learners only!


I could understand almost everything he said and the tips are really useful!

It's 10 tricks to help you talk like a native French speaker:)

July 10, 2017



I've been using his channel all the time. It's fantastic... my comprehension has improved, my grammar has improved and I've learned many new words from him. However, are you sure it's advanced learners only? I don't think I'm exactly advanced at French, I've only been learning for 3 months and I can understand most of what's said here. Even if I couldn't, there are also subtitles. Intermediate+, maybe.


Same, I've only been learning seriously for 2-3 months and I can understand almost all of it.


I've only been learning seriously for 21 days!


I knew nothing before I started... actually it's exactly 96 days ago.


Wow. Isn't there a French class at your school?


Well, not quite nothing... I knew nothing more than bonjour, au revoir, merci beaucoup, d'accord, bon appétit, s'il vous/te plait... and no, I wanted to learn at school, but they lacked options, which I wasn't happy about at all. I've taught myself instead, and 96 days later... not fluent, but I can hold my own in some conversations. Did you know much before you started learning seriously?


I would say so,I just finished the sixth grade and I'm going to the seventh grade after summer. From kindergarten to the 8th grade doesn't choose their classes. So French has been a class since kindergarten for me so ya. I still do it. So I guess you could say I knew some french


That's amazing. Very inspiring for new learners like myself!


Naaah you're advanced


hm, interesting. When I grew up and spent a lot of time with my French grand-mother in France (my mother is French), I heard quite a number of these examples. ("ah bon?")

But my mother was very adamant that a construction like "où tu vas" is not acceptable. Well, times might have changed. My mother is 70 now and my grand-mother would be 118.

Nevertheless, I would take some of the tricks with care. In English "I wanna" might be used, but I would not recommend it either. And no contractions in formal writing, please!


Je suis d'accord avec vous. Je ne dirais jamais "Où tu vas". C'est bizarre.


This video really helped me! I think duo should include a lesson on common "slang" and casual speech once you finish the tree.


Pas de problème!


Thanks this is a new one for me, please take a lingot.


I will gladly accept:)


J'aime bien Français avec Pierre ! Il est super et très drôle !

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